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Als Übersetzungsbüro für Fachübersetzungen bieten wir seit 1990 umfassende Übersetzungen und Dolmetschdienste an.

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Welcome to ConTec Fachübersetzungen.

We have been offering comprehensive translating and interpreting services in all sectors and all well-established world languages since 1990. Our main focuses include mechanical engineering and plant engineering, architecture, construction, public utilities, and medical technology. Our team of expert specialist translators also have experience in the legal and business sectors.

In today's globalised world, the "four c's" - communication, capital, corporations, and consumers - set the tone. Language is the element that connects these four elements, creating the diagonal of globalisation.

Language is at the core of the translation sector. ConTec Fachübersetzungen, the international language service, has built up a pool of translators consisting of (sworn) native speakers from various disciplines, all with the corresponding university degree in their area of expertise (degree, government certified, M.A., or Dr.). ConTec Fachübersetzungen not only provides services for EU languages, but also provides specialised translators for Japanese, Chinese, and other world languages. Last, but not least, ConTec Fachübersetzungen provides simultaneous interpreting and conference interpreting for (international) conferences, negotiations, stays abroad, trade fairs, etc. ConTec Fachübersetzungen is registered at the Hamm Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht), and therefore subject to the strictest regulations regarding data and consumer protection.

When it comes to quality control, the translation agency ConTec Fachübersetzungen works with fixed structures pursuant to DIN EN ISO 17100. Our polished and proven quality assurance (QA) ensures constant quality and consistent style and terminology. This applies to all jobs and not just products ready for printing.

The Task of a Translator

In a certain sense, translations really transfer a text from one nation to another; this is why the material is sometimes so sensitive. Translators must tacitly observe a multitude of rules. These rules are often learned subconsciously, and are always in force involuntarily when a language is being used. For example, these rules govern how an "if" or "albeit" or "and" act on the following clause. Like the negative of a photograph, these rules and this logic must be correct in various intersections and relationships within the language, independent of what the text factually means.

Resources for Translators

Automation has affected the translation sector in that more and more new technical developments and software programs support the translation process. This does not make the translator superfluous by any means, because no automation can replace the background knowledge or experience of a translator. For example, CAT tools in the translation sector work on the basis of phrases that the translator has already translated that are similar to the saved model. However, the full potential of the job can only be exploited with a certain empathy and resonance on the part of both the client and the translation agency.

Translation in E-Commerce and E-Business Sectors

A translation agency that presents itself in the internet and in the yellow pages has a significant role for e-commerce and perhaps even e-business, but it is not a company that is a part of the regular supply chain using the internet and software for the overall development of the company. E- commerce is in connection with online orders and processing, and e-business relates to the complete integration of supplier and producer, right up to the billing. Naturally, this does not prevent the translation agencies from acting as third parties in the IT-architecture within the scope of that integration.

Specialised Language, Specialised Translators, and Terminology

Specialised translators need a broad range of experience in regards to editing and publications because internal company texts differ from published texts in elementary ways. In addition to pure knowledge of the language, a feel for the context and understanding of the background are needed. This can also be supported by the use of CAT-tools, which guarantee the consistency of the terminology. It is important to capture the field of experience of the text with language. The task for the translator is to get an overview of the text in regards to the terminology to be used, because the final decision must be an informed one. The context is often crucial for such decisions.


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Texts and Documents


Your technical documents, product ranges, user handbooks, assembly instructions, etc. are in good hands with us and will be translated competently and on time. In addition to the expert, specialised qualifications of our employees, we have comprehensive databases with the corresponding terminology, vocabulary that can be used by us in a targeted way in order to achieve maximum results.


We are experts in the business, financial, and stock market sectors, the language of certified public accountants, and banking terminology. The business sector is generally marked by a high level of differentiation, so for this reason we work with specialists with expertise in the respective areas. For example, we translate employment contracts, loan agreements, articles of employment, hotel contracts, purchase agreements, and contracts for work and labour.


In addition to specialised knowledge, this sector demands confidentiality, precision, and subject-specific technical and expert knowledge. As a translation office registered at the Higher Regional Court of Hamm (Oberlandesgericht), we have worked well with law offices, courts, and other justice administration organs for nearly two decades. According to the respective purpose, translations can be certified, legalized, or provided with an apostille.

(Business) Correspondence

Whether a short letter, an e-mail, or a memo: in most cases you can expect a competent translation of your text within a short period of time.


For brochures, advertising messages, or catalogues, the translator must address both the exact meaning of the text as well as the broader, contextual meaning of the translation. For this reason, translators with a sure feeling about the commercial effects of texts are used for translations in the advertising branch. Furthermore, the respective translators are native speakers at home in the respective local market for their native tongue; therefore they understand what moves their clients.


The expert, specialised translators in our team also include medical specialists (diplom, degree, M.A., or Dr.). This allows us to translate medical opinions, pharmaceutical prescriptions, or package inserts competently and on-time.


For scientific texts there are often differing delivery dates and rates, among other things on account of the length and the contents, which are marked by technical terminology in scientific texts.

Principally, the formatting of all translated texts is kept insofar as possible; however, one must consider that the translation may have a different length in the target language, which may change the layout.

ConTec Fachübersetzungen translates texts from the following specialist fields:


Automotive Engineering · Construction Industry · Mining Industry · Chemical Industry · Computer Technology · Train Technology · Electrical Engineering · Energy Industry · Renewable Energy · Computer Science · Information Technology · Aviation Industry · Machine Building · Medical Technology · Military Technology · Pharmaceutical Industry · Aerospace Engineering · Shipbuilding · Textile Industry · Environmental Technology · Transportation Systems

Business / Law

Request for Proposal · Banking Industry · Commercial Law · Patents · Quality Management · Criminal Law · Documents · Contracts · Insurance · Economic Law · Civil Law · Customs

Scientific / Societal

Biology · Chemistry · Geology · Social Sciences · Culture · Art · Medicine · Physics · Politics · Sports


ConTec Fachübersetzungen, the translation agency, also offers interpreter services for negotiations, simultaneous interpreting, and consecutive interpreting.

In an increasingly networked world, experts from many fields are constantly in contact with executives from the business and political words on an international level. A spontaneous oral translation is a must on such occasions. Should you plan an international conference, exhibition, or trade fair, or meet foreign partners for negotiations,

  • ConTec Fachübersetzungen will provide qualified interpreters quickly and reliably for each desired language combination. Furthermore, the secure, comfortable manner of our employees is an additional guarantee for the success of your negotiations;
  • We also offer you a travel accompaniment service for your employees abroad and your guests from foreign countries,
  • And, as needed, we provide the necessary simultaneous interpreting facilities, as well as the technical equipment.


General Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Order Acceptance by the Translation agency ConTec Fachübersetzungen

All orders will be accepted and performed according to the following general terms and conditions. The customer accepts these terms and conditions with the placing of the order. The service provider assumes that the customer saves his data sets, also after the point in time of his dispatch of the work. The service provider does not save the data transferred by the customer. After the order has been completed, the data transferred by the customer is deleted.

No liability is assumed for delays or shortcomings in the execution of the work caused by an incorrect or incomplete transfer of the source text or an unclear or false formulation of the source text.

Each order will only be carried out after a binding, written confirmation of a cost estimate.

§ 1 Scope of Validity

These general Terms and Conditions have validity for the entire business relationship between the company ConTec Fachübersetzungen GmbH translation agency (service provider) and the client (ordering party). The General Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted by the ordering party upon the order being placed. They have validity for the entire business relationship including future orders.
Collateral agreements, deviations and amendments require the written approval of the service provider. This also has validity should the General Terms and Conditions of the ordering party have validity by way of exception.

§ 2 Order Placement, Ordering Party’s Duty to Cooperate

1.) Orders can be placed by the ordering party in an electronic form by email, by fax or by mail. Any problems that might arise in connection with the placing of order by telephone or in another formless form are attributable to the ordering party. No liability is assumed for delays or shortcomings in the execution of the work caused by an incorrect or incomplete transfer of the source text or an unclear or false formulation of the source text. The contractual relationship is only deemed to exist if the service provider has confirmed acceptance of the order in writing, by email or fax, or if it has provided individual confirmation on the order concerned.

2.) When placing an order, the service provider is to state the source language, the target language, the area of specialisation and the intended purpose of the text, especially terminology wishes and special requirements concerning the form of execution (appearance), storage on a particular storage media and the date the completed performance will be required. If the translation is to go into print, the ordering party is to provide the service provider with a galley proof prior to execution of the print version.

3.) The ordering party is to automatically provide the service provider with all documents and information material which are required for the translation upon the order being placed. Should the issued material be inadequate, the service provider can request that the ordering party send it additional relevant information.

4.) The client is responsible for the contents of the transmitted data. The copyright of the client is assumed for all work transmitted to us. The responsibility for possible consequences of copyright infringement is borne solely by the client.

§ 3 Scope of Performance – Execution - Delivery

The required scope of performance and the form of delivery are to be agreed to between the ordering party and the service provider in writing. The service provider provided assurance of a careful translation and punctual delivery. The translation will be completely carried out to the best of the knowledge and belief and in accordance with the principles of the pertinent guidelines from the professional organisations and in accordance with the respective grammar rules and in agreement with the meaning of the text and the purpose of the translation.

In the event of no accompanying information material being provided or special instructions being given by the ordering party, terminology will be translated into a form which is customary and generally understandable. A stylistic revision is not the subject of the order. The service provider endeavours to complete all orders within the agreed period of time, but assumes no responsibility whatsoever for a delayed delivery resulting from technical difficulties. The risk for the delivery of the translation is to be borne by the ordering party. A liability of the service provider in the case of any damage being caused to the translation during an electronic transfer is excluded.

A liability of the service provider for delivery delays resulting from an Act of God or technical difficulties, or which are caused by a third party (courier services), is excluded. In such cases, the ordering party grants the service provider a reasonable additional period for completion. Delivery delays and errors which result from a non-adherence to a duty to cooperate are to be exclusively borne by the ordering party. The ordering party is only entitled to rescind the contract in cases where the service provider is responsible for performance delays and impossibility, if the delivery deadline has been exceeded by an unreasonable period and if the ordering party has set the service provider an additional period of time in an electronic or written form.

§ 4 Acceptance – Notification of Defects

The ordering party is to inspect the delivered translation. The translation is deemed to have been accepted if the ordering party should not provide the service provider with written notification of apparent defects without delay, 30 days after delivery of the translation at the latest.
In the case of justified complaints being made, the ordering party is only entitled to a correction or replacement delivery, as chosen by the service provider. Should this be unsuccessful, the ordering party is entitled to set a reasonable deadline for the remedying of the defect. After fruitless expiry of the deadline, the ordering party is entitled to demand a price reduction.

§ 5 Liability

The liability of the service provider is restricted to intent and gross negligence pre-contractually, contractually and non-contractually. Gross negligence is not deemed to exist in case of damage being caused by computer malfunctions and transfer disturbances when sending data by email, or by viruses. The liability for slight negligence has exclusive validity with regard to a breach of cardinal duties as are specified in the concluded contract. The liability for slight negligence is restricted to the contractual value of the order concerned.

We assume no liability whatsoever for damage or loss to data on the client’s or the company’s own data carriers or during electronic data transfers or on networks. Absolutely no liability whatsoever is assumed for damage to or loss of any and all materials made available to us of any kind. In any case, the liability or guarantee is limited to the pure material value of the originals or the materials left with us. Should a translation prove to be unsuitable for the purpose intended by the client (publication, advertising purposes, etc.), the service provider reserves the right to make subsequent improvements. No grounds whatsoever are given for the assertion of claims for compensation against the service provider, even if a publication or advertisement must be repeated on account of defective.

§ 6 Malfunctions, Acts of God, Network and Server Errors, Viruses

No liability is assumed for damages that result from acts of God, (power failures, Internet failures and natural catastrophes), business disruptions, network and server errors, line and transfer malfunctions, etc. The ordering party is also not liable for damages that are caused by viruses. The ordering party provides the assurance that its EDP system is regularly checked for viruses.
The client is responsible for the final inspection of the transferred files and texts if the files are transmitted by email or by another remote transfer form.

§ 7 Payment

All offers and prices are subject to change. Invoices issued by the service provider are payable net within a period of 30 days after the invoice date.

§ 8 Retention of Title

The translation remains the property of the service provider until such time as all payments have been made.

§ 9 Data Protection

When transferring texts and data between the ordering party and the service provider and possible vicarious agents, the service provider is unable to provide absolute protection of company and information secrets and of other confidential data and information, due tot he fact that it is not possible to prevent unauthorised third parties from gaining access to the transmitted information by electronic means.

The ordering party declares his approval to his data being stored in accordance with legal data protection provisions for the purpose of the execution of the order. The service provider has a duty to maintaining secrecy with regard to the contents of the documents which are to be translated, any information materials placed at its disposal and all data of which it gains knowledge in connection with the business relationship. A breach of duty is especially deemed to not existing in cases in which the service provider retains the services of vicarious agents for the purpose of executing the order.

§ 10 Applicable Law and Legal Venue

The contractual relationship and further business connections between the service provider and the ordering party are solely subject to German law with exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Insofar as allowed, the sole jurisdiction is Dortmund for both parties.

§ 11 Validity

Should individual passages of the General Terms and Conditions be invalid pursuant to valid law, all other passages retain validity.